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Outcome Measures

Outcome Measures

Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) must receive completed outcome measure scores before they can authorize treatment.

Outcome Measure Tools

Outcome measures help providers develop treatment plans and evaluate patient improvements (or regression). Under the Autism Care Demonstration (ACD), TRICARE requires the following outcome measures for beneficiaries participating in the ACD based on their age: 

  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder Behavior Inventory (PDDBI), 

  • Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, 3rd Edition (Vineland-3), 

  • Social Responsiveness Scale, Second Edition (SRS-2), and either, 

  • Parenting Stress Index, Fourth Edition, Short Form (PSI-4) or Stress Index for Parents of Adolescents (SIPA).


HNFS cannot authorize initial or ongoing ABA services until these required outcome measures are complete.



Who Can Perform Outcome Measures

AIM Behavior Services is a preferred provider of Tricare for completing the outcome measures.

Key Facts about outcome measure authorizations

  • For the Vineland-3, SRS-2, PSI-4, and SIPA, your child may be authorized to an ABA provider who is not his or her treating provider. 

  • HNFS can authorize outcome measures directly to ABA providers without a referral from your child’s primary care manager or ASD-diagnosing provider. 

  • Outcome measure authorizations are separate from initial assessment/treatment authorizations. 

  • The outcome measures are all parent reports based on answering questions in a survey format. Your child does not need to be present or participate in the completion of the outcome measures.



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